1. Login with your email address and password. Note that your login details are case sensitive
2. Once you have logged in, you are required to fill the following sections:
   o Profile
   o O-level
   o Tertiary Education
   o Employment History
   o Document/Passport photo. Under this section, you are to choose from the drop-down field named      “Document/Passport photo”, the following: (1) Passport photo (2) Resume/CV (3) Application letter

   The passport photo must be in either JPEG or PNG and must not be more than 200KB in size and the document must be    in JPEG, DOC, DOCX or PDF and must not be more than 500KB in size

NB: Nigerian Institutions are listed while foreign Institutions are to be typed in.

3. At the completion of the profile section, click on the “Save” button to save and stay on the same page or click on the “Save and Continue” button to save and move to the next section at the bottom of the screen. Always click on the arrow in a dropdown box to get more options for that particular field.
4. On the Tertiary Education section, click on the “Add Education Qualification” button to add education history
5. On the Employment History section, click on the “Add Employment History” button to add employment history
6. You can also use the buttons ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ to navigate through the portal pages.
7. After you are done filling the required sections, you proceed to ‘single page’ section. This is where you see the summary of your profile. If any of the information you provided is incorrect, kindly click on the ‘Go Back to Profile’ button at the bottom of the screen to update profile, but if not, kindly click on the ‘Proceed to Vacancy’ button to see the list of vacancies
8. On the list of vacancies, Use the search functionality to provide specific list of vacancies related to your primary and secondary options
9. Click on the “View/Apply” button beside the vacancy you wish to apply for.
10. A short description of the vacancy is displayed. Click on the “Apply Now” button to submit your application.

NB: You need to apply first for a vacancy with your primary job title before you can apply for any other vacancy. You can only apply for 2 vacancies

11. After applying, a notification is displayed on the screen: “You have successfully applied for this vacancy”.
You can also confirm your application was successful by clicking on the drop down under your email address on the menu pane and then click on 'My Job application'
12. If you were unable to apply as a result of not filling the required fields/sections, you will be directed back to the profile page.
Once you are through filling the required fields/sections, go to the single page profile and check the declaration box and click on the “Submit Application” button to apply for vacancy you wanted to apply for initially
13. To go back to your profile and reset password, click on the drop down under your email address on the menu pane.